Vita lighting is designed in Denmark, The design was also made to be stored and shipped in a compact box for inexpensive shipping, easy and compact storage, it was also designed for easy assembly by the purchaser.


The designs are new, fun designs with color and reflective material for a modern and interesting look. They have color, reflective materials and feathers (you need to feel it to belive it is real) they are of an unbreakable plastic although you may loose a feather or two still a great home item or gift for the kids at home or at the University.



     Emergency work (After normal working hours of Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm) is based on the first 2 hours @ the rate of $ 150.00 per man and $ 75.00 per man there after, and during normal hours the first hour and @ the rate of $ 125.00 for the first 2 hours per man and $ 75.00 per man there after plus materials

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